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Schnucks last week made a change to its self-checkout policies:

"Starting today, self-checkout lanes in all of our stores will be limited to customers who have 10 items or less to purchase. Customers with more than 10 items will be redirected to our staffed checkout lanes in order to complete their purchases.

"While the primary intention is to improve customer service and checkout efficiency, we do expect there to be some benefits to stopping theft. Because self-checkouts are more susceptible to theft, this item limit will help us maintain our costs while keeping the prices lower for our customers.

"When self-checkouts were first introduced, they were intended for smaller orders. Over time, larger orders began moving through self-checkouts, and we are hoping to address that concern."

KC's View:

I think the correct phrase would be "10 items or fewer."  But Schnucks hardly is alone in getting this wrong.  The entire freakin' industry gets it wrong.