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•  Business Insider has a story about how Giant Eagle is testing new checkout-free technology in one of its Pittsburgh stores that it says "isn't meant to replace in-store workers, it's meant to supplement them."

According to the story, the technology - manufactured by Grabango - uses "lines of cameras that blend into the ceiling's architecture. These cameras don't use facial recognition to track people through the store. Instead, they use object recognition: The software reads shoppers as objects attached to 'virtual baskets.'  When a customer picks up an item, that product is automatically attached to the basket. Refillable coffee is tracked by which cup size the customer picks. Products in hand, customers can skip the item scanning process in favor of simply scanning the Grabango app on their phone to pay. Grabango says its technology doesn't recognize the baskets as individuals until they check out."

Business Insider notes that this is yet another step in the direction that was pioneered by Amazon Go's checkout-free stores and continued by others:  "Walmart offers contactless checkout through its app, Circle K is partnering with startup Standard Cognition, and Aldi is currently looking for a technology partner."