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Axios reports that "one San Francisco supervisor wants to regulate grocery store closures in the city to ensure local communities are not blindsided … The proposal is an effort to ensure food security throughout the city and is a direct response to Safeway's announcement and subsequent reversal of its decision to close its Fillmore supermarket, the only full-service grocery store in the neighborhood, in March."

According to the story, "Supervisor Dean Preston plans to officially introduce an ordinance, dubbed the Neighborhood Grocery Protection Act, that would require grocery stores to provide at least six months' notice before closing, meet with community members before closure and explore replacement supermarkets in the area."

The story notes that a similar bill was proposed and approved by city supervisors in 1984, but was vetoed by then-Mayor Dianne Feinstein, who called it "an unnecessary intrusion of governmental regulatory authority."

KC's View:

I think Feinstein got it right.  I don't know how you mandate that a business that isn't financially viable should stay open.