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The Albertsons Media Collective, the retail media network division of Albertsons, announced a partnership with media company Criteo to "support Albertsons Media Collective's onsite sponsored ad offerings, while Criteo plans to expand to newer ad formats like commerce display and sponsored video … Together, Criteo and Albertsons Media Collective will offer CPG brand partners access to premium inventory and excellent campaign execution through flexible integrations with Criteo's demand and supply-side offerings.

"With Commerce Max, Criteo's self-service demand-side platform (DSP), Albertsons Media Collective can onboard first party data, in-store sales data, and comprehensive shopper signals to empower advertisers to reach Albertsons shoppers across its owned and operated properties. In addition, Criteo's retailer monetization suite, Commerce Yield, will allow for Albertsons to continue to monetize its online assets and tap into new incremental demand driven by Criteo. Both Commerce Max and Commerce Yield will be available as self-service solutions via Criteo's Commerce Media Platform and Albertsons' Media Collective."

KC's View:

The key word here is "monetization."

I'm sure that Albertsons is counting on being able to sell a ton of ads and drive even greater demand for access to its shoppers.  That's especially true when you consider the degree to which Amazon is doing the same thing, and is growing this capacity with the new ad tier on Prime Video.

I'm just not persuaded that shoppers, in general, are demanding this level of noise from the shopping experience.  Relevant, resonant information always is great - but this has so much potential to turn into video and audio clutter that will alienate customers.