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The Associated Press reports that Walmart said yesterday at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas that it "plans to dive further into the world of artificial intelligence - and drones - to improve its customers’ shopping experiences."

According to the story, Walmart said that "it will be expanding its drone delivery to 1.8 million additional households in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area later this year. Drones aren’t new to Walmart — which has already completed 20,000 drone deliveries across seven states to date — but company leaders say that this expansion is a sign of growing demand and efficiency."

At the same time, Walmart "provided a glimpse into 'InHome Replenishment,' which aims to use AI to learn consumers’ shopping habits and keep them stocked on their favorite groceries, as well as a beta platform that allows customers to create outfits virtually and get feedback from their friends."

And, Walmart said that its Sam’s Club stores will offer "a new twist on checking out - whether it’s with the 'scan and go' technology, self-checkout or just using a traditional staffed register. Instead of stopping at a cashier to show the receipt, cameras at the stores’ exits take a picture of what’s in shoppers’ carts to confirm purchases."

KC's View:

Using AI to create effective auto-replenishment systems is perhaps the most important innovation announced by Walmart, though I'm curious to see how fast they are able to make the leap from concept to actual implementation.