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•  From the Wall Street Journal, a story about how Amazon's Chief Security Officer Stephen Schmidt says that the company is going to be "super aggressive" about generative AI, but with caveats.

According to the story, "For cybersecurity leaders, generative artificial intelligence evokes hopes of outsmarting relentless hackers, on one hand, and fears of security staff being replaced by the tech on the other.

"Schmidt, who served as chief information security officer of the Amazon Web Services cloud unit for 12 years until taking over the top cyber post at Amazon in 2022, is supplementing his cyber team with generative AI tools built in-house. The company also is offering some internal AI tools to customers, including Code Whisperer, which can flag potential vulnerabilities in software developers’ work and suggest fixes."

The caveats are that "corporate data fed into the tool must be kept secure and not recycled into raw material for training the basic model owned by a vendor, he said. 

The same goes for queries, he said.

"Queries and surrounding information, including how a security engineer reacts to or uses the results, should be part of your data protection plan, he said."