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BET reports that Dollar General has committed to donating "more than $2.5 million to nonprofit organizations and other efforts to heal the traumatized community where a white supremacist fatally shot three Black people on Aug. 26 at its Jacksonville, Fla., store."

According to the story, the company "said it will donate $500,000 to the First Coast Relief Fund, which supports North Florida residents after natural disasters and other crises, as well as $1 million to nonprofits and community organizations based on input from 'conversations with the local community.'

"Dollar General will also match donations of up to $1 million for its Employee Assistance Foundation and donate $50,000 to local food banks to help with food insecurity."

CBS News reports that "the company also said it plans to fully remodel the store and then reopen it in late September or early October, saying that the location plays an important role in "providing daily necessities" to Jacksonville residents."

KC's View:

The sad reality is that this won't be the last retailer that will have to deal with the repercussions of such things happening within the walls of its store.  It won't even be the last Dollar General to do so.  

We live in a world that increasingly seems fueled by resentment, grievance and intolerance, and where some folks think their path to fame and fortune and power is best carved out by exploiting fear and ignorance.  Places where people gather - churches and schools and entertainment venues and stores - seem to be where people with toxic mindset and intent go to act out their frustrations.  

Retailers need to be prepared.  I fear the worst is yet to come.