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•  Marketing Daily  reports that "Diversified Restaurant Group (DRG) announced the opening of its most recent Taco Bell Cantina in San Jose, California, at the Westfield Orange Mall. This marks the seventh Cantina location for DRG, one of the largest Taco Bell franchisees, which operates 325 Taco Bell locations nationwide.  The biggest difference between Taco Bell QSRs and Taco Bell Cantinas is alcohol. Locations serve beer, wine, sangria and booze-filled versions of its Freezes to patrons 21 and over.

The story notes that "DRG first introduced the Cantina concept in 2015, and there are now more than 50 in locales that include northern California, Las Vegas and Kansas City."

•  RIS News reports that Sephora is working with JP Morgan Payments to offer contactless payments via employee devices at select stores in the US.

The story says that Sephora is the first client to use JP Morgan's Tap To Pay in its stores:  "The company hopes to enhance the payment experience, allowing merchants and their customers to pay anywhere through Wi-Fi or cellular service, driving a quick and seamless checkout experience anywhere in-store or remotely."