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Fox News has a story about how in a recent earnings call, restaurant company Yum! Brands said that it has "plans to eventually move to 100% digital sales at its restaurants.  This includes fast food chains like Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and KFC."

The company said that in the US, "digital sales have increased almost 35% year over year with kiosks now deployed in 100% of Taco Bell stores."

CFO Chris Turner said that it is inevitable that "more customers would be ordering through apps, websites or kiosks in the stores," and that the company already is "testing the use of artificial intelligence to take drive-thru orders."

KC's View:

It is important point out that Ym Brands has not set a timeline for this evolution - it is just acknowledging that the shift is inevitable.  I'm sure that most fast feeders, as well as other kinds of retailers, are looking for ways to digitize certain kinds of work.

There will be resistance to this from some quarters, as it will be correctly observed that people are being put out of work by machines.  It seems to me that this is an opportunity for retailers looking to create differential advantages to find ways to put more people into shopper-facing jobs where they can have greater impact.