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LendingTree is out with a new survey saying that "on-demand delivery service users spend an average of $407 per month on these conveniences, up from just $157 per month in 2021."

In other words, people are willing to spend for greater convenience, even in a time when there are concerns about inflation and a possible recession.

Key findings from the survey:

•  "The 82% of Americans who have used one of these services in the past year are spending an average of $407 a month on them. The most popular services are retail (54%), food (42%) and grocery delivery (34%)."

•  "Almost two-thirds (65%) of users agree they’re willing to spend extra money to save time; however, 44% admit to spending more than they can afford on these services, with 27% doing so this past year."

•  "Over two-thirds (68%) of those who use these services believe there should be a minimum wage for delivery workers, and 79% say they tip for convenience services when it’s an option."

•  "47% say they earn credit card rewards through these delivery services, and 54% say they would apply for a new card if it offered discounts and/or rewards on their favorite on-demand delivery services."