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Kroger yesterday circulated a press release in which it committed "to offer more resources to more associates following the completion of its proposed merger with Albertsons Companies.

"As part of this commitment, Kroger will provide 700,000+ part-time and full-time associates access to its continuing education benefit, which offers up to $21,000 of reimbursement toward higher learning or continued development. The combined company will also expand access to its Goldman Sachs Ayco financial coaching tool. These programs build on the previously stated commitment that the combined company will invest $1 billion to continue raising associate wages and comprehensive benefits."

KC's View:

I think these are great employee-centric programs, but I must admit to being a little confused.

What, precisely, was the alternative?  That Kroger would not offer these benefits to Albertsons employees who become Kroger employees post-merger?  Pull back on such benefits in general (which would not play well with those who object to the merger)?  

I would've thought that the extension of these programs to new employees would've gone without saying.  Except that, in this environment, nothing goes without saying.