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William Friedkin, who made not just two of the best movies of the 70’s, but two of the best movies ever - The French Connection in 1971 and then, a year later, The Exorcist - has passed away.  He was 87.

KC’s View:

I have two very specific memories of these two movies.

After watching The French Connection, I remember thinking to myself how much fun it would be to go into the movie business.  (I didn’t.)

And after watching the The Exorcist, I remember thinking that I was glad I’d given up early on my childhood interest in becoming a priest.  

Both movies are seared into my memory.  (I’ll still watch The French Connection if it pops up.  I have no interest in watching The Exorcist again - I don’t like horror movies anyway, and one viewing that scared the crap out of me was plenty.)

Friedkin’s subsequent career never lived up to those two masterpieces.  But two great movies in a career - that’s an achievement all by itself.