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Regarding one of the positives that Kroger points to that would come out of a merger with Albertsons, MNB reader Patrick Smith wrote:

If Kroger has “lowered our pricing for multiple years in a row” the lines of communication between Cincinnati and Fred Meyer/QFC must be down, as the opposite seems true.

Responding to our story this week about criticisms leveled at Walmart about switching from cardboard to plastic packaging, one MNB reader wrote:

Living in the tropics has taught me to immediately move food from cardboard and paper to multi use plastic containers to avoid the dreaded pantry spiders.  I bet Tupperware could have avoided some of its problems by addressing the issues down here.  Small bugs burrow into the packaging and the spiders eat the dead bodies.

One MNB reader weighed in about AI applicability:

Watched the AI news reporter from India the other day.  It’s not perfect but for those of us that only use the news as background noise while preparing dinner, it’s acceptable.  I wonder when we will see a new AI startup called Skynet.

Probably before we know it.

And finally, MNB reader David Spawn wrote in about yesterday's FaceTime video about Crate & Barrel offering a new resource to its shoppers:

Thanks for sharing the story, but I was distracted by the item tacked to your pin board that reads, “Everyone counts, or nobody counts.”

Thank you for your commitment to inclusion, particularly in these divisive times.

FYI, I stole the saying from writer Michael Connelly, who gave it to his character Harry Bosch as a constant motivation in his work.