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From Axios:

"Americans' go-to international cuisine used to be Italian. But increasingly it's Latin American and Tex-Mex — tacos, quesadillas and birrias — with Asian food next on the horizon.

"Why it matters: Demographic changes — including the dramatic rise in the U.S. Latino population — translate to shifts in childhood favorites and adult preferences.

"Datassential, a restaurant-menu consultancy, analyzed 4,500 new menu items at major restaurant chains last year — and found that Americans are craving cheesy, spicy foods with Latin-inspired ingredients and preparations.

"The 10 fastest-growing items on U.S. menus include birria (a Mexican meat stew), chicken taco salad, and dishes made with Tajín, a seasoning of chili peppers, lime and sea salt."

KC's View:

It always has been the position here that supermarkets would be smart to get beyond lowest-common-denominator food and find ways to challenge customers with new flavors and cuisines.  Not everybody will like them, but that's okay.  Retailers can take advantage of the opportunity to education shoppers and illuminate for them unfamiliar foods.  This is about raising the bar and being both aspirational and inspirational.