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•  Business Insider reports that Ian Wilson, a human resources vice president at Amazon Web Services (AWS), told an internal town hall meeting that the company is looking for ways to rehire people who have been laid off in recent months.

Here's the exact quote:

"I do believe that one of the best things developmentally for any of us, including the individuals of our team that were impacted by the role reductions, is the experience and the time they've had at Amazon. So one thing we've been really clear about, so many of those folks are eligible to rehire."

"How do we really proactively extend an invitation to any of those Amazonians that are ready to return and resume their career with us? How do we make those opportunities available?" he added.

Business Insider writes that "Wilson said re-staffing laid off employees has been 'top of mind' for him, but it's been difficult because of Amazon's recent hiring freeze. Still, he said there are 'different conversations' happening to support them, and 'as things turn' at Amazon, he wants to 'leverage' the former employees for future opportunities."