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As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, MNB has initiated a new sponsorship tier that reflects what I think is a new approach to the topic - I've decided that I really want to forge sustained relationships with companies that have value propositions and missions in which I believe .. and that, in turn, believe in MNB's value proposition and mission.  My goal is to not just provide a forum for these "charter sponsors," but also commit to helping them grow their businesses in a variety of ways.  In other words, it ain't just about banner and tile ads.  It is about moving the needle forward in terms of innovation and, ultimately, service to the shopper.

Today, I'm happy to welcome Robin Russell Executive Search as an MNB charter sponsor.  I've known Robin for a long time, along parallel tracks. First, through my knowledge of her recruitment work in the retailing industry, in which she has delivered unparalleled results for companies and the executives she has placed. And second, when she guested at a marketing class I was teaching at Portland State University, proving that she is as comfortable talking to young people at the beginning of their careers as she is working with CEOs.  In addition, she's been an invaluable sounding board for me as I've grown my business.

So I'm thrilled that she wants to be part of the MNB family - I know that she delivers superb service and results to her clients, and I hope we can be instrumental in helping her get more of them.