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Home Depot has released a new short documentary entitled "Hope Builds," which details the impact of three major natural disasters - Hurricane Andrew in 1992, a tornado that tore through Joplin, Missouri in 2011, and a California wildfire in 2018 - on communities, and how the retailer enabled both disaster preparedness and recovery efforts.

KC's View:

The point of the video, it seems to me, is that Home Depot wants to be seen not in terms of the nails and wood and tools it sells, but in how those things come together, in the hands of caring people, to serve communities in their time of dire need.

It is an approach that food retailers should note - the meat and the pasta and the veggies and all the other items they sell should not be seen in a vacuum, but rather as components in a larger effort for people to feed and nurture themselves and their families.  To see them in a vacuum ignores the bigger picture, and misses the nobility of what food retailers do every day.