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Give New England's Market Basket credit - when Taylor Swift released "Midnights," her newest album, this week - an album that sold more than 1.3 million units in its first three days - it was ready to take advantage of the moment.

MassLive reports that Market Basket "has curated 13 grocery themes tracks that mimic the 13 tracks on the artist's record breaking album.

"The firs track on Market Basket’s list is titled 'Lowell Haze,' playing on her first track titled 'Lavender Haze.'  It continues with 'Maroon Jackets,' which pokes fun at Swift’s second track 'Maroon' and the deep red colored uniforms that employees wear.

Swift’s hit 'Anti-Hero' became 'Antipasto.' Will fans of the song be 'rooting for the antipasto' rather than 'rooting for the anti-hero' as Swift puts it in her song?

"'You’re On Your Own, Kid' became a way for shoppers to save with 'More For Your Dollar, Kid' and 'Snow on the Beach' became 'Sawdust on the Floor.'  Other puns used by the grocery store became 'New England' for 'Midnight Rain' and 'Sweet Jelly Donuts' for 'Sweet Nothing.'

"The store also pokes fun of Swift’s lyric 'meet me at midnight' with 'meet me at the checkout'."

Click here to see how Market Basket took to Twitter to have its fun.

This is small stuff, but I like Eye-Opening small stuff that is clever … it shows a certain ingenuity and energy.

BTW … the actual album, "Midnights," is terrific.  I downloaded it via Apple Music as soon as it was available, and I remain in awe of Taylor Swift's talent and prodigious output - not to mention her willingness to take charge of the business side of her career in a way that protects her artistic endeavors.

(I know I'm not in Taylor Swift's target demographic, but my daughter and I went to one of her concerts more than a decade ago, and she was fantastic.)