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The New York Times reports that even as the UK economy "has been buffeted by the effects of Brexit, the war in Ukraine and, most recently, the government’s dramatic reversal on a series of planned tax cuts that led to the resignation of Prime Minister Liz Truss," there is at least one segment of its economy that is booming - whiskey production.

According to the story, "The volume of whisky exports from Britain has grown over the past two years, including a 10.5 percent increase during the 12 months ending in July over the same period the year before, according to government data … The surge in exports, driven by higher demand from the United States and the Asia-Pacific region, comes as 20 distilleries have opened in Scotland in the past six years, bringing the total number of distilleries there to 141."

One likely factor, the Times writes, "is that the ad campaigns from some of the beverage giants that in recent years have bought smaller distilleries have helped to broaden the appeal of whisky to younger consumers."

KC's View:

Another factor probably is the likelihood that the current world situation has a lot of us drinking more than ever before, despite reports that there is a trend toward being "sober-curious."