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CNBC reports that TJ Parker and Elliot Cohen, the co-founders of prescription drug startup PillPack who sold the company to Amazon for $750 million four years ago, will lave the company at the end of the month.

The story notes that "after the acquisition, Parker and Cohen helped steer the launch of Amazon Pharmacy, the company’s online pharmacy for delivering prescription medications in the U.S. Both Parker and Cohen served as vice presidents of pharmacy up until recently, when they were shifted to consulting roles."

CNBC writes that "Amazon has accelerated its push into health care in recent years, though not all of its efforts have been successful. The pharmacy business struggled to gain traction, and Amazon recently announced it would shutter its telehealth service Amazon Care after finding it wasn’t a 'complete enough offering' for customers."

KC's View:

I've actually been surprised that PillPack has not been more aggressively promoted/marketed by Amazon since its acquisition - I'm in an age group that you'd think would be the sweet spot for PillPack, I'm an inveterate Amazon user and Prime member, and yet at no point has Amazon ever made the case to me that I should be using its prescription services.

Maybe that's because for all the money spent and acquisitions made, Amazon hasn't decided what it wants to be - in the healthcare space - when it grows up.