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JD Power is out with its 2022 U.S. Pharmacy Study, concluding that "health and wellness services - in addition to medication management - may be the key to the future of the retail pharmacy industry as it contends with growing threats from online retailers."

The study says that "customers are beginning to embrace their retail pharmacy as a hub for a broad range of routine health and wellness services … among pharmacy customers who are interested in receiving routine healthcare services, 33% are interested in vision and hearing services and 27% are interested in physical exams and routine lab tests at their local retail pharmacies."

While a majority of survey respondents say they have no plans to change pharmacies anytime soon, JD Power also says that pharmacies need to look out for Amazon:  "Nearly two-thirds (66%) of brick-and-mortar pharmacy customers currently have an Amazon Prime account and nearly half (48%) of pharmacy customers are aware of pharmacy services offered by Amazon. To date, 14% of those who are aware of Amazon’s Pharmacy Services have used Pill Pack filled through Amazon Pharmacy. Of that group, 38% say they 'definitely will' switch pharmacies in the next 12 months."