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•  USA Today reports that starting in July, Costco will restrict gasoline sales at its 17 New Jersey locations only to people who are members, just at it does in the rest of the country.

The story says that "in 2004, Costco and other warehouse clubs were told restricting gasoline sales to members would violate state law after the retailer posted signs at pumps requiring drivers to present a membership card. The membership-card requirement was ultimately abandoned."   

However, the current state tax authorities seem on board for the shift in policy.  Costco locations have been crowded with cars in recent weeks as it sells gas - which has been driven to new price highs by inflation - for less than at many other local stations.

•  WTOP-TV reports that Maryland-based Giant Food "has added two new electric delivery vehicles to its delivery fleet, and expects to add more.

"Giant received a grant from the Clean Fuels Incentive Program managed by the Maryland Energy Administration to acquire the step side delivery vans. The trucks can cover 105 miles on a single charge from Giant’s Hanover, Maryland, distribution warehouse."

According to the story, Ahold Delhaize-owned Giant "estimates over the lifetime of the two vehicles, they will eliminate the use of more than 210,000 gallons of gas.  Giant Food said it plans to transition more of its delivery fleet to all-electric over the next several years."