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Fortune has an interview with Walmart CEO Doug McMillon.  Here are some excerpts:

Re: the environment and his commitment to making Walmart a "regenerative company" … "We’ve got project gigaton underway right now with about 4,500 suppliers, where we’ve already had them report they’ve saved over 500 million metric tons of greenhouse gases. But it’s not enough… Becoming regenerative means that you take nature, and you take humanity, and you put it even more into the center of your decision making.”

Re: stakeholder capitalism … "I think it all boils down to timeframe. Yes, we are here to provide a return for shareholders. The best way to provide a return for shareholders over time, is if you have strong communities, associates that are well compensated and happy with their jobs and excited about their futures. A planet that works.”

Re: inflation … "It’s going to last a while.”

And finally … "One of the interesting things that I’ve learned over the last few years is when you make the switch from being purely analog to being more of a digital company, it unlocks opportunities to grow a lot of other businesses… When I was going to business school, we were taught about silos and conglomerates. In a digital world, it all feels a lot more connected. It doesn’t feel like they’re silos. It just feels like you are designing for a family or a customer or for members. And these other things kind of naturally come together and result in one experience for them. And that’s what we are trying to build.”

The full interview is available on both Apple and Spotify.