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APRIL 1, 2022 - Published reports say that there seems to be a coordinated campaign on social media to ban Russian dressing from US shores.

On numerous platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, users have been saying that ridding US stores and kitchens of Russian dressing would be an effective way of demonstrating national antipathy to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and express solidarity with the Ukrainian people.

The movement seems to be led by the same people arguing that trucker convoys trying to snarl Washington, DC, traffic to protest pandemic-related mask mandates were effective, even though they started the protest after most mask mandates had been ended.  Some people also have suggested that this is the "Freedom Fries" protest for a new generation.

A small minority of people have taken to social media to protest the protest, pointing out that Russian dressing actually was invented in New Hampshire, and that its national popularity has waned in recent years in favor of Thousand Island dressing.

But those points don't appear to be persuading the larger group, which has used social media to say it embraces the term "uninformed mob," and doesn't care that stories about the proposed ban are being circulated on April 1.