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The Wall Street Journal this morning reports that "the Justice Department Monday endorsed legislation forbidding large digital platforms such as Amazon and Google from favoring their own products and services over competitors’, marking the Biden administration’s first full-throated support of the antitrust measure … The letter, obtained by the Wall Street Journal, expresses support for the American Innovation and Choice Online Act, which the Senate’s judiciary panel approved in January in a bipartisan vote, as well as similar legislation moving through the House.

" Inc., Alphabet Inc.’s Google, Apple Inc. and others oppose the proposed legislation, saying it would make it harder to offer popular services. The bills’ opponents also say it is fair for e-marketplaces, search engines and app stores to profit off their creations’ popularity.

"The department’s letter throws its weight behind a different view: that the platforms’ dominant position gives them unchecked power to influence the fate of other businesses, and that restricting the platforms’ conduct would carry significant benefits."

KC's View:

The thing I don't completely understand here is that, best I can tell, the regulatory proposals treat Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Apple as if they are similar entities that all present the same issues.  I think we need a more nuanced approach that this … I have no problem with targeted legislation that has a sophisticated understanding of these companies' different business models, but the last thing we need is one-size-fits-all legislation that doesn't do a good job of addressing real issues.