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•  From the Wall Street Journal:

"Demand for the humble drive-through lane is booming, as coffee makers, chicken joints and other fast-food operators vie for limited supply.

"Interest in drive-through real estate was growing even before Covid-19, but it exploded last year when total sales volume for restaurants, pharmacy and bank properties hit a record $12 billion, according to data firm CoStar Group Inc. That represents a 43% increase from 2019 and a doubling in sales from 2012.

"Coffee and fast-food customers gravitated to drive-throughs in the early months of the pandemic, when dining rooms were closed and fear of infection kept people in their cars.

"As time went on, many realized they enjoyed the convenience of drive-throughs, especially now that mobile ordering reduces wait time and the need to yell into a speaker to place your order, said R.J. Hottovy, head of analytical research at data-analytics company

"The migration from cities to the suburbs has also boosted drive-through business, Mr. Hottovy said. And these properties offer companies the opportunity to cut costs in terms of square footage and staffing, he said."