business news in context, analysis with attitude

by Kevin Coupe

Axios notes that two years ago today, "the first case of a mysterious new respiratory disease was discovered in Wuhan, China … More than 5 million people have died since that first case. Most people on earth have lived through some form of lockdown. 54% of the global population has had at least one vaccination, though the shots have been distributed unevenly."

Since that time, there have been well over a quarter-billion cases of Covid-19 globally, and more than 50 million just here in the US;  there have been more than five million global fatalities, and more that 800,000 deaths here in the US.

And just two weeks ago, a new variant, dubbed Omicron, was identified by South African public health officials, which Axios suggests "has deepened concerns about just how much longer the coronavirus pandemic will last."

It has become the very definition of an Eye-Opener, from which, if we pay attention, we learn humility every day.