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In Colorado, the Daily Camera reports that the Kroger-owned King Soopers store in Boulder, Colorado, that was the site of a mass shooting last March, will reopen on January 20 after an extensive remodeling.

According to the story, "The store plans to release more information about the redesign and reopening soon. In previous interviews, King Soopers representatives have said the redesign will include changes to the interior and exterior of the building as well as a redesign of its parking lot."

Ten people died in the mass shooting, including five customers and three employees, and King Soopers has been consulting with both employees and community members in making changes to the store.

The suspect in the case, who was arrested on the scene, has been hit with multiple felony charges.  He currently is undergoing psychological evaluation to determine if he can stand trial.

“We’ve always known that Boulder was a special place, but you’ve proven through your empathy, your strength, help and support that Boulder is so much more than a place; it’s more than a community; Boulder is our family,” Joe Kelley, King Soopers president, said in a prepared statement. “We know that the building is just part of what makes this store so special and that restoring it is another step in the journey as we continue to rebuild and heal.”