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UK-based retailer Tesco is out with its fun new Christmas ad, which plays to a post-pandemic mentality with the title "Nothing's Stopping Us," and playing out to music from Queen - "Don't Stop Us Now."

The Guardian, however, notes that the ad has generated some complaints from Brits who believe that one image - Santa Claus showing his vaccination passport so he can get into the country - "is coercive and encourages medical discrimination."

According to the story, "The scene sparked controversy on social media, attracting criticism from those in the anti-vaccination movement.  The Advertising Standards Authority, which enforces the UK advertising code, said that it is reviewing the complaints to see if they warrant an investigation for a potential breach of the rules."

KC's View:

Proving, I suppose, that anti-vaxxers aren't just in denial about science, but also about the value of a sense of humor.  Because my understanding is that Santa has a firm mask-and-vaccine mandate at the North Pole, believing that the elves have an ethical responsibility both to each other and all the children of the world.