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The Lakeland Ledger reports this morning that Publix is rolling out  Instacart’s Quick Picks program - offering grocery delivery in 30 minutes - across its stores in seven states.

“Whether you burnt the pie and need a replacement, forgot the garnish for your favorite seasonal dish, or simply need another bottle of wine, Instacart and Publix have you covered,” the Instacart release stated. “As more families prepare to gather and share holiday meals, customers across the Southeast can rely on the incredible selection and rapid delivery available from Publix Quick Picks for all of their last-minute needs.” 

KC's View:

What's interesting about the Ledger story is how it seems to lump Publix in with all the other retailers using Instacart … which I'm sure is exactly what Publix wants.  It always makes sense for a retailer that wants to differentiate itself in any marketplace to offer me-too services that, in this case, Instacart also is offering through companies like Kroger and  Ahold Delhaize-owned banners.