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Dollar Tree announced over the weekend that it is expanding on its relationship with Instacart "to provide same-day delivery within as fast as an hour from close to 7,000 Dollar Tree stores."

The two companies began working together in November 2020, and according to the announcement, "after achieving success with the pilot project, the companies broadened their collaboration to over 6,000 Family Dollar stores in January 2021 and tested the same-day delivery service in August.

"With the current expansion, the companies now provide deliveries as fast as one hour from close to 13,000 Family Tree and Dollar Tree stores across Washington D.C. and 48 states."

KC's View:

So, let me get this straight.

Instacart offers Dollar Tree customers same-day delivery as a differential advantage, which over the past few weeks it has worked with other retailers - Kroger and a couple of the Ahold Delhaize banners - to offer 30-minute delivery as a differential advantage.

I still struggle with understanding how any of this ends up being a differential advantage for anyone … except, of course, Instacart, which continues to gain vital customer shopping information that it can use to compete with its current client retailers … or, at the very least, dissuade any of these clients from looking elsewhere for e-commerce services.