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•  Amazon announced yesterday that it is ending the Key In-Car Delivery program that allowed it to deliver packages directly to customers' car trunks.

CNBC reports that Amazon suspended the program last March with plans to revive it at some point, but now has decided to end it and focus on its in-garage delivery program, which it sees as having broader potential.

The CNBC story says that "Amazon launched its in-car delivery service for some Prime members with select vehicle models in 2018. The offering was an extension of Amazon Key, the company’s array of services that enable delivery drivers to leave packages in garages, homes and businesses. In-car delivery was compatible with vehicles from carmakers like Ford, Volvo and Hyundai.

"Amazon has pitched these services to Prime members as a way to keep their packages or groceries safe from weather, damage and theft. The services have also raised concerns around the prospect of giving a stranger access (albeit, limited entry) to your car, home or garage."

•  From CNBC:

"Amazon’s first TV sets, which you can talk to and control without a remote, go on sale this week … It’s a good TV for the money, and Alexa can be useful, but the software interface doesn’t look as sharp as it should on a 4K TV.

"Amazon has traditionally sold Fire TV Sticks and Fire TV Cubes that plug into existing sets, or partnered with other device makers who integrate its Fire TV software. Usually, there are buttons on the remotes that let you use Alexa to control the TV. With the Omni Series, however, Amazon brings its Alexa assistant right into the TV."

The cost of the 65-inch Amazon Fire TV Omni Series television - $830.