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Content Guy's Note:  Gregory Galloway is out with a new novel, "Just Thieves," which is one of my favorite books of the past year - a terrific piece of noir fiction that starts out with a compelling, unforgettable image and proceeds by creating a universe where existential dread is like the air that the characters breathe.  I loved it.  "Just Thieves" struck me as wholly original while being respectful of its noir forebears - no small trick, and Galloway totally pulls it off.

I wanted to know more about the author and his approach to fiction, as well as wanting to recommend "Just Thieves" to the MNB audience.  So I caught up with Gregory Galloway via Zoom for a conversation that I hope you find to be as enjoyable as I did.

You can buy "Just Thieves," at Amazon,, at the iconic independent  bookseller Powell's, or wherever books are sold.