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Content Guy's Note:  A few weeks ago at the Organic Produce Summit, one of the two keynotes (Jim Donald and I did the other) was by Larissa Zimberoff, who has written a fascinating new book, "Technically Food: Inside Silicon Valley's Mission To Change What We Eat."

In her book, Zimberoff takes the reader on a compelling journey, visiting with chefs and venture capitalists, looking at the difference (and tensions) between "Big Food" and "New Food," focusing on issues of transparency and consumer education, and prognosticating about how people will be eating and grocery stores will be marketing and merchandising product just a few years from now.

I wanted to know more about this trend, and so I reached out via Zoom.  I hope you enjoy our extended conversation.

If you want to listen to this conversation as an audio podcast, you can hear and download it here:

You can buy "Technically Food: Inside Silicon Valley's Mission To Change What We Eat," at Amazon,, at the iconic independent  bookseller Powell's, or wherever books are sold.