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Business Insider reports that Amazon, having installed AI cameras in more than half its delivery vehicles, says that the result has been a reduction in accidents and "other safety violations" now that it can keep an eye on its drivers.

However, the story also says that "Amazon drivers say they are being punished for some driving habits that are considered safe and others that are beyond their control."  the drivers say that "the AI-powered cameras in Amazon's delivery vans unfairly penalized them for things such as looking at side mirrors, adjusting the radio, and even getting cut off in traffic by someone else."

The story notes that "when the cameras spot possible unsafe driving 'events,' these instances factor into workers' performance scores and can, in turn, hurt their chances of getting bonuses, extra pay, and prizes. They can also affect the income of the Amazon delivery service partner itself."

Which explains why the drivers are upset. The drivers think it is about money, not safety.