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Some reactions to yesterday's FaceTime video in which I talked about little kids observing that "Amazon is going to take over the world" … and not in a good way.

MNB reader Rich Heiland wrote:


I agree Amazon should pay attention to this, but not sure what it means.

First, will these young kids grow up and say “wow, I can get it tomorrow” and all if forgotten?

Second, being old I can remember when a strip center was built on the edge of my hometown town and everyone, including me, thought it would be the end of downtown. It didn’t help. Then, Walmart came to town and everyone said that would be the end of downtown. Today downtown has given over to law offices, social services, antique stores etc. It’s not the downtown of my youth, but it’s more than twice as big as it was then.

So, maybe the constant truth is that things change and whether it is for the worse depends on who you are, where you are, at what point in life you are. This old man who feared and mourned the death of downtown just got a notice that his Prime package has arrived. So....

And, from another reader:

Kids say the darndest things.. remember when Art Linkletter used that frame of reference?

Kids see life through as little filter as possible. I love the honesty of their view on life. Sounds like good parenting.