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Bloomberg reports on new climate change prognostications by the Stockholm Environment Institute suggesting that "production of key crops including sugar and coffee could drop by as much as 59% in the long-term due to climate change" and that "corn production in the U.S. alone could plunge almost half in the long-term (2070-2099) due to warmer temperatures, according to the institute, putting countries that buy the crop at risk."

Climate changes could mean that corn "output in Russia and Canada may rise by 13% and 17%, respectively, but not enough to offset shortfalls elsewhere," the study says.

Changes in the climate could also mean that "wheat production could rise 14%," but "this may require costly moving of production to Europe and parts of South America and Asia. Russia and Canada could boost output of corn, soy and rice, however, growing areas would likely have to relocate within those countries, the authors said during a briefing."