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•  Online bulk retailer Boxed announced that it is working with Asian retailer myAEON2go to use the Boxed online platform in Malaysia.

According to the story, "AEON will use Boxed’s proprietary e-commerce technology to power myAEON2go at over 40 locations for both in-store pick-up or on-demand grocery delivery. The solution includes an e-commerce storefront website and mobile app, as well as proprietary inventory-picking software, allowing AEON customers the flexibility to shop for AEON products however they choose, whether picked up in-store, or delivered directly to their doorstep. In addition, the Boxed e-commerce technology will be deployed to the tenants of all AEON’s malls to power their e-commerce operations."

This seems to be typical of the current Boxed strategy - find international partners that want to use its technology, and work to deploy it quickly as a way of gaining momentum and attract yet more retail partners.  It's different from what appeared to be the original business model, but sometimes you have to make adjustments in the interest of survival.