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BoiseDev reports on how Albertsons has "quietly rolled out a new subscription offering it calls FreshPass this month. For $99 a year, customers can get a bundle of services and deals from the Boise-based grocery giant.

"The program primarily gives customers unlimited grocery delivery without an additional fee. The company calls this 'free delivery,' but customers must pay the yearly membership cost in order to waive the typical delivery fees … FreshPass also includes smaller benefits like a monthly 'perk' at in-store Starbucks cafes, savings on store-brand O Organics products, and elimination of expiration for rewards points."

The story notes that Albertsons has not yet formally announced the new program.

KC's View:

Very smart, in that it has the potential - as services are expanded - to create a kind of boomerang effect for Albertsons.  Many people who have paid the fee will be more inclined to return with greater frequency, which creates mass … and also a ton of data that the retailer can use effectively.

You know.  Like Amazon Prime does.