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Foxtrot, the self-styled tech-enabled upscale convenience store format, says that it plans to open as many as 50 new stores in the next two years, an acceleration beyond what was announced just a few months ago.,

The company currently has two nine stores in Chicago and two each in Washington, DC, and Dallas.  Markets in the company's crosshairs include New York, Austin, Boston, Miami, Los Angeles and Houston.

Bloomberg has described the format this way:

"Foxtrot distinguishes itself with its hybrid, locavore model vs. your typical 7-Eleven. The shelves are stocked with products made by local artisans in addition to major consumer brands. In Chicago that will include coffee from Metric, Do-Rite’s old-fashioned doughnuts, and IPAs from Pipeworks Brewing. Customers order via an app.

"The chain also specializes in private label products, notably candy gummies. The best-selling online items are wine and ice cream; the average order is $50."

The new stores reportedly will be larger than the original units, with an emphasis on in-store cafes where people can eat or grab a coffee or drink.

KC's View:

This is all part of an ongoing effort to redefine convenience.  It isn't enough to just own the concept … it also is critical to redefine it for what I assume eventually will be a post-pandemic environment.