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Inmar Intelligence is out with the results of a new survey that it says illustrates the degree to which consumers "have become more willing to take advantage of new high-tech offerings if it will expedite the entire shopping process or provide other layers of convenience in their purchasing journey."

Key findings:

•  "57 percent of shoppers would be open to trying out a drone delivery service or robotic delivery service."

•  "Of consumers who have used contactless payment at checkout, 81 percent say they prefer it over cash."

•  "75 percent of shoppers are willing to use technology that allows them to check out from their cart."

•  "Of those who have tried an Amazon Go or similarly formatted grocery store, 76 percent prefer it over traditional grocery store formats."

•  "76 percent of shoppers responded that they would be extremely likely to order from their favorite grocery stores at a convenient pickup location of their choosing if they were offered their choice of pickup time and if it had lower fees than doorstep delivery."

The survey concludes that, "whether it be convenience, safety, or another factor, consumers have shown they have an increased willingness or even desire to change their shopping habits from traditional methods. Most grocers heavily invested in their e-commerce solutions over the course of the pandemic and saw a return on their investment. However, this survey shows that this drive toward digitalization is just beginning, and those who remain stagnant will reap the negative consequences."

KC's View:

The thing that all these initiatives have in common is that they are designed ultimately to reduce friction for shoppers, to make their lives easier/faster.

Technology that works isn't really about technology.  It is about the shopper.