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Portland, Oregon, has had a tough year.  Pandemic.  Business closures.  Civil unrest.  The impact of deadly wildfires.

But despite it all, "Top Chef" went through with its plans to shoot the new season there, even as it dealt with all the safety regimens and protocols to keep people safe.

And now, Bravo is out with a trailer for the new season, which will premiere on April 1.

I miss Portland, Seattle and the entire Pacific Northwest desperately … my time there always revives my soul, and it has been too long … though, in all honesty, I have no idea what I'll find when I finally am able to return.  But I am emotionally invested in Portland's future, and look forward to getting back there.

In the meantime, the "Top Chef" show, which celebrates so much of what I love about the region, just makes me happy.