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The Boston Globe reports that Ahold Delhaize-owned Stop & Shop has "launched a walk-up grocery locker program, now available at its 1620 Tremont St. location in Brigham Circle. To use the new service, shoppers can place a pick-up order online, adding items to their cart and selecting a pick-up time. Within 15 minutes of the pick-up time, a code will be sent to the customer via text, which they can then scan or enter at the locker kiosk located at the grocery store’s main entrance."

The lockers have three zones - room temperature, refrigerated and frozen.  If a customer has placed an order encompassing all three categories, when the code is entered, three different locker doors will swing open.

The Globe writes that "there is a $2.95 fee charged for every locker pick-up order. New customers are able to receive $10 off on the first order of $60 or more, and can receive free shipping on all orders of $60 or more within 90 days of their first order."

Stacy Wiggins, vice president of e-commerce operations for Stop & Shop, said in a prepared statement, "The Locker Pick-up program is another way we’re working to accelerate our e-commerce offerings so that our customers can shop for and pick up their groceries at a time that’s most convenient for their schedule. We hope that by eliminating the need to wait in line or go in-store, they’ll get even more time back into their day."

Presumably, if the program is successful it will be rolled out to more stores in the chain.

KC's View:

What I don't understand about this is that Stop & Shop doesn't use all its data to offer this service gratis to best customers.  Sure, charge people who don't spend as much in the store, but give the top 10 percent of customers a break on the fee.

I love the idea of a locker program, but they need to think more inventively about how to use it.