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Got a note yesterday from Chris Wilcox Anderson, Albertsons' GVP, Communications, in which she addressed the MNB stories about the retailers' California banners deciding to outsource its delivery functions:

Just want to offer a little clarification on the third party delivery story: this is in several market areas across 10 states – not just California – and DoorDash is one of the providers but not sole provider. All of these positions are non-union.

In case it’s helpful – below is the full statement.

In early December, Albertsons Companies made the strategic decision to discontinue using our own home delivery fleet across a variety of market areas and states, beginning February 27, 2021. Our HR teams are working to place all impacted associates in stores, plants, and distribution centers.

We will transition that portion of our eCommerce operations to third-party logistics providers who specialize in that service. While we know that this move will help us create a more efficient operation, it wasn’t a decision we made lightly or without a great deal of consideration.

This decision will allow us to compete in the growing home delivery market more effectively. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, our eCommerce business has risen to new heights and has become more strategically important to Albertsons Companies. Our goal is to truly make eCommerce a competitive advantage.

Regarding the associates who are currently in these positions: While it’s too soon to speculate how many associates will ultimately accept positions, Albertsons Companies Divisions plan to offer positions to each impacted associate interested in working in the Divisions. We can tell you that all associates who stay in their current roles through the end of this transition but choose to leave may be eligible to receive severance benefits according to the company’s plan – we will work with them on their individual situation. We are also offering an incentive bonuses to associates in those positions who stay through February 27.

KC's View:

Fair enough.

The fact that it is national, not just if California, in some ways makes it worse.  And I guess I would ask the following question:

If the goal is to "truly make eCommerce a competitive advantage," how is it an advantage if you are using the same delivery services utilized by your competition … and in fact may be enabling eventual competition by some of the entities with which you are contracting?

Just asking.