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We had an email yesterday from MNB reader Bob Hastings, who reminded me that people who read the site like to see the opinions of their fellow community members - and said he hated it when I said that Your Views…will return.

Referring to two other stories yesterday about autonomous vehicle technology being tested by Amazon and Walmart, another MNB reader wrote:

Perhaps Morning News Beat will be able to ensure that you provide “Your Views” daily when you hire the autonomous Content Guy?

I think I'm already an autonomous Content Guy.  As I've noted here from time to time, I tend to be dysfunctional when working for organizations.

I think what you're actually suggesting is a Content Robot.  As I said recently, when I hire someone to replace me, I want someone not like me … and a robot certain would fit the bill.

Another MNB reader found the criticism annoying:

The entitlement from these people who are receiving a free service never ceases to amaze me. They probably used to complain about the free samples they used to get at Costco (ah the good ol’ pre-pandemic days) as well. I guess my point of writing this is to say that the vast majority of your readers are grateful that you put in the consistent time and effort to create this publication and we understand that you are the chief, cook and bottle washer and also have to make a little bit of time for yourself and the missus once in a while. With Bob’s attitude, I can only imagine what a tough year he’s had dealing with all of the OOS items in stores over the past few months.

It's okay.  

One of the things that emails like Bob's reminds me is that there are a lot of MNB readers out there who think of MNB as their site.  Not just mine.  That's a good thing.  It doesn't mean I can meet everybody's expectations all the time, but I treasure the connections MNB has enabled me to make with all these folks over the years.

On the subject of Google's temporary outage on Monday, one MNB reader wrote:

Maybe someone at Google decided to download all ten million videos Porn Hub recently purged. 

Never thought of that.

And finally, yesterday MNB took note of as Axios report that "Amazon-backed Zoox unveiled on Monday its version of the future of transportation: an autonomous electric vehicle with no steering wheel that might one day be summoned with a ride-hailing app…"

One reader responded with a picture that made me laugh out loud: