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Alignable is out with a new study saying that "5% of U.S. small businesses couldn’t pay their rent this month, up 3% from 32% in November. 

"Several B2C industries are devastated – 61% of restaurants can’t pay their rent this month. That’s up 19% from 42% in November.

"Beauty salons (46%) and travel/hospitality businesses (43%) round out the Top 3 most-affected businesses, but many others are in trouble. "

The study also says that "minority-owned businesses are suffering the most, as 49% of them reported that they could not afford their rent in December. That figure is 5% higher than it was in November.

"Women-owned businesses are also struggling (38% of those have not paid their rent, up 3% from 35% last month). "'

KC's View:

An important reminder of the economic headwinds we're facing, and how the world may be significantly different when we emerge from the pandemic.