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Profitero is out with a new study concluding that "Amazon is heading into the 'pandemic' 2020 holiday season as the online price leader, beating other major retailers on price by 15%, on average. Amazon was the most competitively priced retailer in 18 out of 21 major consumer product categories — tying for the lowest online prices for Beauty items and for Pet items."

Other conclusions from the survey:

•  "Retailers compete hardest with Amazon in Baby and Sports & Outdoor, where Amazon was found to be 6% less expensive than other retailers studied. Retailers are the least competitive on price with Amazon in Home Furniture, where Amazon was 35% less expensive, on average."

•  "Amazon faces stiff competition from, which seconded Amazon in 15 of the 21 categories studied and was found to be only 4% more expensive than Amazon, on average. Walmart is matching prices with Amazon on Beauty items — an improvement from last year when Walmart was 8% more expensive than Amazon in the category."

•  "Target puts profits, not low prices, in its bullseye: Among the 'Big Three' U.S. retailers (Amazon, Walmart, Target), Target is the least competitively priced, averaging 10% more expensive than Amazon. Most notably, Target was found to be 20% more expensive than Amazon on Food & Beverage items, a jump up from last year’s Price Wars study when Target was 12% more expensive than Amazon."

•  "Overall, specialty retailers are not competing with Amazon on price. Best Buy was 13% more expensive than Amazon in Electronics, and Wayfair 37% more expensive in Home Furniture. Chewy is the exception, exactly matching prices with Amazon on Pet items."