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Time Out has a story about Fridge No More, a new grocery delivery service launched in Brooklyn, New York, and promising to deliver in 15 minutes or less.

According to the story, co-founders Pavel Danilov and Anton Gladkoborodov "claim to offer a 15-minute delivery—with no minimum purchase required—within a one-mile radius of their 'storefront' by using electric bikes for a more convenient and environmentally-friendly service. Currently, they only operate in Williamsburg with a Park Slope slated to follow later this month. There are plans to open in Manhattan."

According to the story, "The service doesn’t offer as many options as some competitors—there are currently two brands for whole milk, for example—but the curated inventory allows the service to be more efficient, according to Danilov, who’s also invested in other food start ups. On the Fridge No More app, you’ll find about 800 items, but they plan to grow it to 3,000 or so in a warehouse-like space … Fridge No More’s quick service is also meant to give people an option to not feel like they have to stock up their fridges and freezers with a one-time order. It’s supposed to help prevent food waste, too."

KC's View:

I love this story, not because I think Fridge No More necessarily will scale up to the point where it will have a major footprint (which it may, but who knows?), but because it makes me happy to know that even in this environment, new businesses are opening.  Hope springs eternal.