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•  CNet reports that Yale has "introduced a smart delivery box that works with the Yale Access and August Home apps, which normally control each brands' respective smart locks, and major voice assistants to do just that.

"The Yale Smart Delivery Box comes in two styles, at $230 Brighton style and a $280 Kent style. Both include a Connect adapter to connect them to your Wi-Fi network for smart home integration. Add a smart keypad for another $50. Yale partnered with with Kingsley Park, a Step2 Company for box design and production."

The story notes that the box is less than 15 pounds, so could actually be easily carried away from wherever it is kept by the same people who might be stealing the items inside.  And so "Yale suggests either tethering or filling the base with up to 40 pounds of sand for extra security."  Which speaks, I think, to why we're going to see new homes with built-in delivery boxes, and may see existing houses retrofitted to include them.  Either way, creating a more secure delivery system seems to make a lot of sense at a time when e-commerce is so prevalent.