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by Kevin Coupe

Just a final few thoughts…

I was reminded this morning that today is the first day of autumn.

Which means that we've gone through two entire seasons of dealing with the pandemic in our personal and professional lives, with no immediate end in sight.

It made me curious.  What was I saying back on the first day of spring - March 19, 2020.

So I looked.

I got a bunch of things wrong - mostly about the degree to which sports would be able to be played as the coronavirus continued to spread.  I underestimated the ability of the leagues to figure out work-arounds, and to be honest, I'm glad I was wrong about that.

But I think I got it right when I argued six months ago that this could be a lot worse if we didn't have the internet … it actually was going to allow us to be connected to loved ones and co-workers, to see movies and read books without going to a theater or the library, to get our work done without going to an office or get an education without going to school.  In its own way, that's extraordinary.  Never could have happened that way before in human history.

Now, I'm not sure that it can be said that every government, company or person has taken advantage of the opportunities that the pandemic has created to reinvent themselves.  Some have.  Some haven't.

I also think it isn't too late.  We can practice social distancing without being distant.  We also can wear masks without retreating into ourselves.  There remains the potential for us to come out of the pandemic - whenever that happens - better and more connected than before.

Here's what was on my mind back on March 19,2020 … and as always, I want to hear what is on your mind.